Launch Your Power

Untangle your internal world to transform your external reality.

What keeps you stuck and denying your power? Strained relationships, broken thought patterns, financial stress, doubting your every move, getting lost in the uncertainty of life, and being easily influenced by others.

Free yourself from the burden of you.

You know you are meant for more, but don't see a way out of the constant hustle and grind.

You know it shouldn't be so hard, but feel weighed down by the weight of the world

Do you feel like you’re "doing the do", constantly spinning your wheels at 100 miles a minute without seeing any real results, questioning what you are missing?

Do you look at other people's success and wonder when your time will come? Will you ever reach your full potential, or make the impact and revenue you deserve?

Are you sick of playing small and ready to let go of the old pain, fears, patterns and stories you are stuck living in and keep repeating over and over?

You're stuck in action mode and don't even know it!

I know how it feels to be stuck on autopilot—spending your days going through the motions, feeling like something's not right— because I was exactly where you are less than 10 years ago.

But what if I told you, this could be you...

  • "I've finally been able to uncover my blind spots and see where I have been holding myself back this entire time. I literally changed every single area of my life and see my life from a completely different lens."
  • "I have never felt so good. I feel more confident and connected than I ever knew was possible. I have never had more love for myself and have finally been able to say good-bye to the constant anxiety and overwhelm lurking over my shoulder at all hours."
  • "I found that "missing link"! I feel like everything has started flowing and happening for me over night. I 10x my business revenue, found my dream parter and discovered my joy again. I never knew it was possible to do less, while achieving more, but this is now my reality."

If it sounds too good to be true, I too am living proof that it’s not. And I want to show you how to fast track your path to success through an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process I guarantee you’ve never tried before.

You don't need another self help book!

Start to bridge the gap between what you know and who you are.

Solving your problems doesn't have an external solutions. It's time to get to the root and transform your outer world by shifting your internal state.

Launch Your Power and Adopt a Millionaire Mindset: An Internal Journey to External Results and Success

I created Launch Your Power to help aspiring leaders, celebs and entrepreneurs like you change your life trajectory and show up as the most successful version of yourself. In this online course, I’m sharing the exact tools and resources I used in my own journey to finding happiness, love and joy, inspiring you to learn, grow and step into your true power.

By combining the elements of business strategy and mindset, I’ll teach you how to adopt a Millionaire Mind in your life, work and relationships. Because the truth is:
you can live like a millionaire before you see the numbers in your bank account. 


A person’s ability to embody the energy of a “million-dollar” life personally and professionally, by connecting to their unique truth and transforming everything into effortless abundance.

You don’t need any external validation to get you there. In fact, you already have all of the answers locked within you – I’m just here to help you find the keys. And I know these methods work, because I still use them every day.

I get it, I've been there!

Let me get you to your goals faster! No more struggling on your own.

I’m Vanessa, speaker, coach and course creator on a mission to help leaders, entrepreneurs and celebs scale their biz and master their Millionaire Mind. I bring over a decade of experience and training in business, mindset and networking to help you break old patterns, make big changes, and find inner peace.

I’ve had dark moments in my life – times when I was battling depression and suicidal thoughts, struggling just to pay my mortgage and buy groceries. Even when I looked like I had it all together on the outside, I was not showing up as my highest self on the inside. I was clearly missing something… So I found the right support, hired a coach and I started what I call my “Mental Olympics”.

Every day, I spent two to four hours in meditation and working on developing my Millionaire Mind. When I finally had the mindset piece in place, I started working on the strategy to bring the same transformative results into my business. 

And you know what? I went from struggling to pay my mortgage to making 6-figures in 6 months.

But it didn’t happen overnight. I’ve been doing this work for 20 years.

I don’t expect you to spend two to four hours a day in meditation, so I’m taking what I’ve learned and breaking it down for you in easy-to-follow steps, over the course of just six weeks

Your life is a direct result of your thoughts.

The way you show up in your relationships, in your community and in your business is a direct reflection of the way you show up for yourself.

What does this mean, exactly?
If you are ready to remove your "mental parasites" and focus on your relationship with yourself, your relationships will evolve, your business will transform and your life will flourish. It’s about focusing on the right things, changing your internal self talk, blocking out all of the noise and learning to love yourself unconditionally.


How you do one thing you do everything.

I've broken down my exact process into 5 essential modules. Each module is designed to break you out of the patterns and thoughts that are holding you back and robbing you of the results and happiness you deserve.

Launch Your Power, is a six week online program designed to take you from uncertainty, pain and resistance to pure joy and abundance. I'll be holding your hand through 5 perfectly-crafted modules that will restructure every area of your life. We will be using guided meditations, workbooks, journal prompts, videos and group calls, to get you the results you are after.


1) GOAL SETTING - Set your focus while understanding the intention behind your goals and desires

When it comes to changing directions in life, it’s crucial to know where you’re going. We’ll kick off by:

  • Discovering the patterns that are dimming your light and the exact steps you need to reach your goals.
  • Uncovering the truth behind your thoughts, emotions, reactions, and values, allowing you to break the toxic cycle and manifest from a place of abundance.
  • Creating a strategy to help you succeed in half the time, even when your old patterns try to take over and self-sabotage your success.

2) NETWORKING - Create authentic connection, love and memories with others

As Jim Rohn famously said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” How does your inner circle impact your health, wealth and happiness? Here’s your chance to:

  • Attract friendships, mentors and community. Create the social connections you have always wanted, with people who are actually aligned to your values. You are not alone!
  • Learn to communicate effectively and set boundaries from a place of confidence and love. Know your value and what you bring to your relationships.
  • Become the best version of yourself while transforming all of your relationships. Feel at ease when interacting with others, without being triggered or falling into judgement.

3) RELATIONSHIPS - Allow every relationship to be a reason you connect deeper with self

Your relationships with others are a direct reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. This module will help you:

  • Implement my three secrets to creating a fulfilling relationship wth yourself and others. Become the happiest and most confident person you know, without relying on your external environment to dictate how you feel.
  • Become the love you are looking for the world to give you. Create deeper and more meaningful connections while manifesting your ideal relationship (with an existing partner or find a new romantic match).
  • Learn how to grow and evolve from your existing and past relationships. Ensuring you and your relationships keep getting better and better over time. Your relationships are the fastest path to becoming your best self, if you let them.

4) SELF - Know and embody the truth that you are and the light you possess

What does it really mean to connect to yourself and love yourself unconditionally? What if you could feel proud of the person you are now and look forward to the person you are becoming? Here’s your chance to:

  • Create a new "home" for yourself here on earth. A place where you can take the love and kindness you feel for yourself to another level and experience the peace, freedom and joy you have been seeking.
  • Understand yourself from another dimension. Knowing when your actions, thoughts and even "intuition" is coming from a place of fear, conditioning or lack. Never again will you confuse your intuition for fear and keep yourself stuck in limitation.
  • Recognize the stories you have been creating and repeating, in order to keep yourself "safe" and validate your current limiting beliefs. It's time to detach from the stress, anxiety and overwhelm you have been addicted to.
  • Design custom daily routines for alignment and success that actually work for you, without having to subscribe to the 3am club. Make an impact while doing less and achieving more.

5) BUSINESS - Creating abundance while feeling good in the process

Business strategy is simple. The hard part is managing your thoughts and applying the same mindset principles in your business/ career as you do in your life. This module will walk you through:

  • Strengthening your relationship with abundance and shifting your money mindset. Making money and creating wealth does not have to be hard.
  • Integrating a millionaire mindset while building a successful career, helping others and following your inspired action.
  • Productivity and business strategy hacks, saving you time, money and energy.
  • My exact process to stepping up as a leader, finding clarity and motivation, and learning how to lean into the art of surrender.
  • Translating your story and mission into a relatable brand, resulting in increased sales, community growth and connection with your ideal target demographic.


Grab your spot now. Connect to your power.

The exact process you need to master a millionaire mind and create your dream life in the next 6 weeks.




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1:1 access to yours truly, for a VIP 60 minute clarity call. I will help to uncover your blind spots, untangle your thoughts and provide clarity on your next best steps to achieve your goals and desires.



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150+ recorded business and mindset trainings, including my exact systems to scale on social media, master a sales call and make 6 figures in 6 months (plus ongoing updated support).



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Module specific recorded trainings guiding you through the entire program and answering your burning questions. Plus access to a community of like-minded leaders, including email and Facebook support.

Working with Vanessa has been life changing! Before working with her I was always in my head believing I needed to do more in order to have more. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Coming into coaching I was pretty skeptical because I had worked with a coach prior that had a completely different approach and one that didn’t align with my values at all. I was initially nervous to say yes again, but I am so glad I did because it has been breakthrough after breakthrough ever since. I hit my first 5 figure month with Vanessa and have done so consistently ever since. Even better, I did it with peace of mind and without the hustle.

— Jessica W.


Your Investment Gives Back

This course is not just changing your life…

*For every course purchased, a micro-loan will be donated to underserved entrepreneurs across the world through Kiva.



Grab your spot in Launch Your Power.

Your step by step process to master a millionaire mind and build your mental immunity in next 6 weeks.

This is for you if...


You're an aspiring leader. 

You’re an aspiring leader, celeb, or entrepreneur and you feel like you’re constantly defining your self-worth by your accomplishments.


You know you can be more. 

You know deep down you are so much more than your job title, your Instagram following or the number on your paycheck.


You want to connect see real results.

You want to finally feel connected to your true self and start seeing real results for your efforts.


You're feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

You’re done feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with living your life by other people’s standards.


You're looking for community.

You’re looking for more fulfilling relationships and a thriving community aligned with your goals.

Are you ready?

Here's your chance to break out of the old and start creating the new. 

Every day you spend living in destructive habits and thought processes makes it harder and harder to break free.

And while the world may feel a little unstable right now, it’s actually the perfect time to re-invest in yourself and your future. Your business and life will only ever be as strong as your mind. 

After all, our society is evolving, jobs are transforming, and businesses are reinventing. Why can’t you be part of the change?

You’ll never know for sure what your future will look like six months from now, let alone in the next five years. But if you start doing the work today, then you can achieve your goals of building thriving relationships, surrounding yourself with inspiring people, monetizing your business idea(s), and loving who you are inside.

In fact, you just might find the big dreams and aspirations you have now are actually just a small taste of what the universe has planned for you.

The only way to find out what you’re truly capable of achieving is to take the first big step.

Are you ready to Launch Your Power?


What you get (plain and simple)

  • 5 modules of course content to walk you through mastering a millionaire mind, transforming your relationships and 10x your business results. 📚
  • Comprehensive video trainings to help you understand every tool and technique, provide extra motivation, and overcome any challenges you may come across. 💻
  • 5 workbooks that will get you into the focusing, reflective and processing zone, uncovering your blind spots, and adopting new strategies and perspectives for life and business. 📈
  • Done for you worksheets, templates, journal prompts, mantras, guided meditations, routines, productivity hacks, and proven processes for success. 👊
  • Access to our exclusive LYP facebook community to ask questions and connect with other like-minded individual.
  • Group Q&A calls with me (Vanessa Ortali), to answer your specific questions and keep you accountable as you implement the course principles into your daily life. 🔥🔥
  • $7000 in bonuses to 10x your results and investment into yourself. 💰💰
  • Lifetime access to the Launch Your Power process and resources, designed to give you the freedom, happiness and peace you desire. ✌️
  • 100% refund policy if you are not completely satisfied with the program and you still get to keep the course and all of the resources. 🤯

“I thought business success was found in marketing, strategy, etc. I honestly didn’t believe that I had mental blocks. Through this work, I’m finally starting to see glimpses of a version of myself that I can be proud of. "

- Mary F.

"Vanessa is not afraid to ask the hard questions and has taught me the importance of questioning EVERYTHING, even my own intuition."

- Diana V.

“Working with Vanessa has been an eye-opening experience in which I have been able to learn a lot about myself. Vanessa is great at identifying thought patterns that have created roadblocks in my growth and success." 

- Amy C.



A 6 week online program designed to transform your mind, life and business. You don't need to feel this way any longer. Life does not have to be this hard.



Is an online program format right for me, will I succeed?

This online program is designed for many different learning styles and made for you to succeed. The course includes 5 comprehensive workbooks, 92+ videos and trainings, group coaching calls, email support, a community Facebook group, lifetime access to the course material and the opportunity to upgrade for 1:1 support. This format allows you to go at your own pace, while getting the support you need and the ability to plug into a group of people doing the same program as you.

What is the best way to complete the program for maximum results?

I know you are busy and your time is valuable. I would recommend printing off the workbooks and completing the worksheets/questions as part of your morning or evening routine. You can then go to the videos for extra support or motivation while you are folding laundry, driving, or cooking dinner. All videos are under 5 minutes for easy listening.

What makes this program different than all of the other online courses out there?

You're right! There are a ton of courses out there to support you in your career or mindset, so thank you for considering me! I have spent 15+ years working with professionals to find peak performance in their lives, so I know I fill a gap that other courses do not provide. There are mindset courses and there are business courses. This is the only course that makes them ONE! This course merges your business and personal life perfectly, allowing you to show up as ONE person and see results in every area of your life. I do not believe you need to hustle and grind to get what you want. I believe in helping you get out of your own way, feeling good and showing up as your authentic self. Your dreams are waiting for you to claim them.

How do I get additional 1:1 support to 10x my results?

1:1 support is available at a reduced rate for all course members. Proceed to checkout for your 1:1 support add-on, in order to supplement your learning and 10x your results.

I can't afford the full cost, is there a payment plan?

Yes, a payment plan is available at checkout so you start asap and make the changes you desire.

I am not an entrepreneur, is this course still right for me?

Yes, this course is for leaders and forward thinkers, in all industries and on all career paths. It is beneficial to all individuals regardless if you are an entrepreneur or not.

Is this the right time for me?

There is never a perfect time. Good news is, you have lifetime access to all course material and resources. I would recommend starting now and taking it one step at a time. You decide how fast you complete the material. What is inaction actually costing you, physically, emotionally, and mentally? Can you afford not to start making small changes in your life? Pricing and live Q&A format is subject to change, so take advantage now.

How long do I have access to the course content and resources?

Forever! You have lifetime access to all course content and resources provided. Take advantage now and repeat the course whenever you need a refresher.

Are there live Q&A calls?

With your life-time access, you will be informed of all upcoming live call Q&A calls. All recordings from live Q&A calls can be found in the course platform. This course is designed to be completely self-guided and you will have lifetime access to all course content and upcoming calls. Should you have any questions come up throughout the course, you can email or post in our exclusive Facebook group.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we offer a 100% refund policy. I am so confident you will see shifts in your life within 30 days of the program, that I will give you a full refund if you are not fully satisfied. If you are not happy with the program, we will offer you a refund and you still get to keep the course as our gift to you. This is a no brainer.


Grab your spot now

Your exact step-by-step process to master a millionaire mind and create your dream life in the next 6 weeks.


There’s no better time to LAUNCH YOUR POWER - to show up in your relationships, in your community and in your business is a direct reflection of the way you show up for yourself.