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  • Are you longing for more meaningful relationships in your life? You know, the kind of community that makes you feel heard, supported and motivated?
  • Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in the status quo, watching everyone on Instagram living out their dreams while you’re struggling just to pay the bills?
  • You know you have so much to offer, but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to turn your passion into a viable, moneymaking business…
  • You’re tired of feeling like you’re always behind in life – and you keep telling yourself, “If only I had more time/money/support (you fill in the blank) then I’d be happier/more successful.”

You’re not alone.

We’re living and working in times of massive growth and change, and many entrepreneurs are struggling to find the energy and motivation to keep moving forward.

This is why it’s so important to surround yourself with a community of smart, savvy and growth-minded women who have your back and truly want to see you succeed.

 With the Right People In Your Corner, You Can Accomplish Anything!

You can become a true leader in your industry and start making a real difference for your clients.

You can achieve goals that go beyond your wildest expectations, and never worry about finding the money to pay the bills again.

You can redefine who you are and what you have to offer the world, gaining the confidence and clarity to show up as your best self in every role you take on.

The Ladies Community VIP Membership is Here to Grow & Evolve Along With You

Here’s your chance to join a membership community that delivers more value than you’ve ever experienced in any other group coaching or mastermind program (and for a fraction of the price).

 By becoming a member of The Ladies Community VIP Membership, you will:

  • Be surrounded by female powerhouses who have been through their share of wins and losses, and are here to share their experiences with you.
  • Benefit from business coaching that will help you reach your goals and vision faster, without breaking the bank.
  • Discover the tools, skills and mindset hacks you need to unlock your true potential and attract abundance in all aspects of your life.
  • Receive trusted recommendations and support, as well as custom introductions and referrals to help you grow your network and your business.

I Need TLC!

"If you want to live a high-vibrational life, business and spirituality, Vanessa can help you get there".

- Current TLC Member

Open Your Eyes to a Whole NEW WORLD of Possibility

Sometimes, the hustle is real and you still find you don’t have a whole lot to show for it.

Other times, you launch one of your most successful business offerings completely by accident. Yup, that’s what happened to me.

I’m Vanessa Ortali, business coach, networking expert and founder of The Ladies Community. I went from being a boundary-pushing, introverted misfit to building a million-dollar business.

Don’t get me wrong: I definitely didn’t get to where I am now overnight.

I’ve experienced my share of hardships in my life, from losing my mom to breast cancer when I was 18, to battling depression and suicidal thoughts while struggling just to pay my mortgage and grocery bills.

I spent years working a corporate job where I was making someone else’s dreams come true instead of my own. I literally felt like my soul was dying. So I quit. I didn’t have a plan; I didn’t have a safety net. But just like when my mom died, I was awakened with the realization that...

I am the only person who gets to decide how I'm going to live my life.

And there is more to life than sitting behind a desk every day. I’m here to experience every inch of the world, and awaken my true potential.

So I hired a coach and I put in the work. Every day, I spent two to four hours in meditation and journaling, working at retraining my mindset. At the same time, I put strategies in place to bring the same transformative results into my business.

I surrounded myself with a community of people who wanted to build me up rather than weigh me down.

Now, I’m making it my life’s mission to share what I’ve learned with aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs like you, who are ready to make a difference and leave your mark on the world. I want you to connect with yourself and others, live in abundance, and feel good about who you are and how you live your life.

Enter The Ladies Community VIP MEMBERSHIP.

Think of it as fast-tracking your path to abundance. You get to learn from my mistakes, and emulate my successes – along with those of all the other brilliant women who make up this community.

Your membership includes:

Online Group Coaching

  • Experience bi-weekly trainings with live Q&A, exploring topics surrounding business, mindset, relationships and networking.
  • Benefit from meditations, exercises, goal setting & accountability tools, and journal prompts I use every day for myself and my 1:1 coaching clients.

Weekly Events

  • Expand your business, health, social life and mind with weekly live or online events and workshops featuring experts, influencers and celebrities across many different industries.

TLC University

  • Access a full library of private trainings, workshops, event recordings and interviews to level up your professional and personal development. 

Community Connections

  • Gain trusted recommendations and support from other growth-minded individuals and benefit from daily power-up messages to help you reach your goals.
  • Discover custom community matches, making networking easier than ever as you meet new mentors, clients, friends, business partners, workout and travel buddies who are aligned with your vision and values.

Private Online Database

  • Use your member log-in to access exclusive member content and search for your specific networking needs and interests. 

Exclusive Offers

  • Receive exclusive member offers such as: private member emails, VIP discounts, early access to courses, masterminds and retreats.

What our members are saying

"​Since working with Vanessa, I have become a lot more aware about who I am, how I’ve been holding myself back, what I need to improve, where I’m headed and how I want to feel in my life. She has helped me to identify personal goals, truly love myself, add more presence to my everyday life and strategize my business growth."

- Val C.

The Growth-Minded Community Is For You If You're Looking For:



You’re seeking a global uplifting community of women who are ready to make big moves in their lives and businesses.



You recognize change starts within you, and by becoming your best self you have the power to create an incredible ripple effect of love and peace.


Solid relationships

You believe in redefining the meaning of female friendships, and supporting the women around you (with no judgment) to reach their full potential.


Tools and techniques

You know deep down you are so much more than your career or relationship status, and you’re looking for the practical tools and techniques you can start implementing today for immediate results.



You’re ready to GO DEEP, push against your human programming and find HAPPINESS.

TLC Is Right For Me!

"Vanessa is not afraid to ask the hard questions and has taught me the importance of questioning EVERYTHING, even my own intuition."

- Diana V.

VIP Membership Perks: Unlimited Value and Potential

  • Bi-weekly group coaching
  • Weekly events
  • TLC University
  • Online community
  • Daily Power-up Success Tips
  • Private members database
  • 1:1 Custom Community Matches
  • VIP Discounts
  • VIP seating and registration at events

A total value of $14,000!

And you could have it all for as little as $19.99 per month or $149.99 annually.

Upgrade to a Lifetime Membership and receive a limited BONUS OFFER:

  • 1 hour 1:1 coaching call with TLC Founder, Vanessa Ortali (that’s me!) for the chance to master your mind, business, network and community.

This is an additional $1000 value – and all it’s yours, for FREE.

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VIP Membership Payment Options

*TLC will always honor your initial membership price, even when membership prices increase.

TLC GUARANTEE:  You can cancel your membership at any time, and if you are not completely happy with the service, we will honour a 30-day refund policy.

Corporate memberships are also available for larger groups - please submit a sponsorship form to apply for memberships for your team!



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What our members are saying...

"TLC has been instrumental in connecting me with the right network of people and others in my field. "

"I closed three clients this past week and one of them is a super prominent female founder in my industry 👏👏"

"Closed 2/2 sales calls today - thanks for your coaching 🤟"

"I learned to set achievable routines that also give me space to listen to my intuition/alignment."


Think of it as fast-tracking your path to abundance. You get to learn from my mistakes, and emulate my successes – along with those of all the other brilliant women who make up this community.